What have you done? My mom went for a ride in one of your trikes at her nursing home, and she’s animated and can’t stop talking about the fun that she and her friends had, Thank you, thank you! Please go back soon!” ~ Abby in Vancouver

No more worries about our mum wandering, thanks to IPS Safety. Next time she goes missing, we know we can track her, and that has added significantly to our peace of mind. Thank you. We will get cameras next month, too.” ~ Gwyn in Orange County.

Well! It took a bit of persuading, but now Dad shows his guardian to everyone in the mall! Most importantly, he can notify us if he’s lost or panicky again, and we can track him! Thank you for caring and answering all our questions so patiently, Ken.” ~ Doris and Tom in Edmonton.

Thank you, Thank you! We are sleeping well at night for the first time in a long time. The cameras are available to view and listen any time on our phones (even my teenage son has a viewing schedule) and we know we will be notified if Dad falls again.” ~ Fred in Las Vegas.

To Whom it May Concern: My wife and I purchased a number of devices from IPS Safety to help us cope with looking after our aged parents. To be honest, we were skeptical about the amount of support we would receive, and how well the equipment would work. We were very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended products and service.” ~ Edward in Toronto

Our sincere thanks. On behalf of our Nursing Home members, I want to thank you for the fun we had on your trikes. Even a few of us who had really withdrawn participated, and it has done wonders for our communication and friendships. When are you coming back? More Rhubarb Pie is waiting for you!” ~ Pamela in Vancouver

We’ll catch them next time, thanks to IPS. That hidden camera will help us catch the next “Care”giver who treats mom badly, thank you. Last time, we thought the bruises were from falls, and poor mom suffered unnecessarily. We are grateful.” Bets and Karl, New York City

We are requesting the purchase of some of your trikes for regular rides and shopping after enjoying our rides. Thank you! It’s been so long since we rode bikes and we all felt younger and happier. Our home is receiving our requests! Do you know of a kind sponsor? LOL” ~ Marge in Vancouver

We recently prevented our Mum from going out the back door and avoiding a fight with a coyote! My brother saw him on the camera and alerted Mum immediately. She called her friend and asked her to wait until the danger was gone before her visit. That single purchase probably saved Mum from hospitalization. Thank you!” ~ Sonya in Seattle.